UX/UI Designer, Information Architect,
Digital Marketer, and Front-End Developer

"Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication." - Leonardo da Vinci

About Me

As a UX designer and UI designer, front-end developer, digital product architect, and team manager over the last 19 years, my experience spans corporate industries, agencies, and freelance. Proficient in many web technologies and applications, I have a firm understanding of information architecture, user experience, content management systems, and all stages of digital product development. In addition to my creative mindset, I take a user-centered approach to design and development that carries a focus on clean, comfortable, simple user interfaces that provide value and allow users to easily accomplish their goals. I'm a solid communicator, with a passion for quality, details and doing it right.

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What Am I Working On?

My Skills & Services

The hats I've worn are many, and I'm grateful I've had the opportunity to learn and work with many aspects of digital product development during my career. I hope I can utilize my knowledge and experience to help you create something great.

User Experience

Analyisis, research, prototyping, testing and iteration create a solid base that will help boost your success.

Web Design

Creating a look and feel that is comforting and best represents your product is key to first impressions and retaining users.

Front-End Development

Modern methods and technologies can be used to create an interactive, progressive, and responsive experience for your users.

Product Development

Have an idea you need to flesh out? Product features and their value directly affect the overall user experience. I can help you balance what your product does and how it works.

Content Management Systems

With many years experience building sites in Drupal, Wordpress and more, I can jump into a current system or build a fresh instance of the most common CMS applications.


Whether your site is simple or you need a robust content management system, there are many modern technologies available to meet your product's needs.


Reliance on where your company or product shows in search results is a key component of your success. Awareness of information architecture best practices is more important than ever.


A personal passion, I have been shooting and developing photos for 20 years and can create original imagery for your product.


"Derek showed remarkable ability to learn our business and methods quickly. He was able to create thought provoking UX concepts and help us see perspectives on our software UX that will greatly benefit our clients. I highly recommend him and look forward to continued work with him."

Ryan Walcott - Head of Products & Business Growth Consultant - Rhythm Systems

"Derek is the type of person that pays attention to the small details in an application's design, UX and development. Always on top of his projects and always looking to get better, Derek is one of those rare managers who also naturally serves as an inspiring mentor for the whole staff. With a background in design, front-end development, UX and over ten years’ worth of experience as creator, Derek exhibits strong interpersonal skills and a unique capacity for empathy. These qualities most notably translate in his ability to motivate a team to care about its project and be invested in the project’s success."

Jeff Shamley - Front-End Developer - Shamley Incorporated

"Derek was a pleasure to work with at GLM/Emerald, and consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to providing our trade shows with beautiful and functional websites, while at the same time offering a creative approach to solving our UX problems. As trade show organizers, the primary function of our websites is to convert visitors to registrants. With Derek's help, we were able to do this more effectively and increase registrations as a result. Derek also has exceptional communication skills when it comes to interacting with the client and explaining the rationale behind his creative and UX decisions."

Melissa Gray - Group Marketing Director - Great American Media Services

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How can I help you build your product or make it better?

My approach is to get a 360 degree view of your current product or initial idea, then analyze, plan and produce what works best for you and your customers. Let's build it right.

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