BoatQuest Homepage Wireframe
BoatQuest Mobile Wireframe

Seek and You Shall Find

Roles played: Product Development, UX Designer, Front-end Developer

Tools used: Surveys, UX Pin, Google Analytics, Drupal, Git

BoatQuest was an outdated classified ad application that was in need of a complete structural and visual overhaul. Using an Agile approach, each element and aspect of this product was analyzed and rethought.

The first order of business was making it much easier for users to find what they are looking for. Search was made the primary call-to-action where it was once difficult to find and robust facets were added to the results page. Data was re-categorized, content was distilled to provide only the most necessary information, and the user interface was simplified and given a modern feel. Through several iterations of wireframes, the information architecture, functionality, and content layout were determined to both meet the business needs of the company and provide users with a much easier user experience and overall product.

BoatQuest Search Wireframe

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