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Who Are We? How Do We Get Through To Customers?

Roles played: UX Designer, Digital Marketer, Content Writer, Visual Designer, Front- & Back-End Developer

Tools used: HubSpot, Google Analytics, A/B Testing, Adobe XD, User Interviews & Research

A business execution software and consulting company, Rhythm Systems has been very successful in helping mid-size companies reach their greatest growth potential. With a focus on CEOs and other high level executives, Rhythm Systems is not only a project management system, but works to create successful short- and long-term goals, track KPIs, and manage job expectations.

The Rhythm Systems website has grown over the years, but without a long-term vision that is so important in keeping content and messaging consistent and easily digestible. As the client admits, they were haphazarly adding content and messaging to the site, helping to create confusion not only for the end-user, but for internal staff as well. I spent many months deconstructing and dissecting content, marketing messaging, user experience, and overall digital strategy. I created a much simpler information architecture that not only made it easier for users to find what they are looking for, but created a path that would result in more lead collection and overall sales. My work continues with Rhythm Systems in many aspects such as: SEO, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Website Management, Content Writing, Design & Development, and Analytics.

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How can I help you build your product or make it better?

My approach is to get a 360 degree view of your current product or initial idea, then analyze, plan and produce what works best for you and your customers. Let's build it right.

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